L21>DF13>L513>S5668>A7>FGC13494>FGC13496>FGC13503>FGC13508>Z18493>Z18489>Z18492>Z18490>BY2630: Lough Erne

This haplotype marks a group of Fitzpatricks that trace themselves to Drumlane Parish, County Cavan about the Upper Lough Erne. The age of BY2630 is estimated as 1780 AD and Derryvona Fitzpatricks are encouraged to undertake NGS testing to help further eluicidate this gentic cluster.

This small cluster of Fitzpatrick of the Upper Lough Erne is created by sampling from four known relatives who can trace their origins to Drumlane Parish, with local oral history suggesting the family's association to the area dates back to the 1600s. The geographical location is within the known area of the Breifne O'Rourke which includes parts of west County of Cavan, and County of Leitrim. This supports the STR association with the O'Rourke. However, there are no other Fitzpatrick with known associations to the same geographical area who are also within the Fitzpatrick Surname DNA Project, and are close to this DNA. Hence, any interpretation in a historical context is limited. It should be noted that there are two Patrick (originally FitzPatrick) with similar 25 and 37 Y-DNA (STR) who are members of the Fitzpatrick Surname DNA Study who do not know their actual geographical origins.

Having recognised the potential interpretation limitations due to the small sampling, it is interesting to note that in the Depositions related to the 1641 Uprising, there are reference to O'Mulpatrick from the same geographical area. Also, within the area is another potential surname origin which is the Fermanagh Fitzpatrick of the Maguires, possibly Gille Patraic Maguire. There are a few Gille Patraic (or similar, e.g. Giolla Patrick) within the Maguire history between the 1200s and 1500s with associations to the Upper Lough Erne area, with one reference suggesting their territory included the area of south-east County of Fermanagh, and "centred" on Knockninny, United Kingdom bordering Upper Lough Erne as a stronghold of the Maguires. Giolla Patrick, 12th Prince would be the last of the Senior Maguire branch to reign (1537 – 1540) when John II of the Junior Maguire branch was established as Chief with support from the O'Neills and the O'Donnells. However, there is no current evidence to suggest any association of this Fitzpatrick DNA cluster to either the O'Mulpatrick, or the Fermangah Fitzpatrick of the Maguires..

Can anything be suggested in relation to the DNA SNP associations with McConnell, McPherson, and McLaughlin? Other than these family names also have geographical associations or overlaps at various times in history, there is no known association to this cluster of Fitzpatrick, or their potential pre-anglicised name origin. McPherson appears to be more associated with Scotland than Ireland, and it is understood that the origins of the DNA sample claims long ancestral association with Scotland. McConnell may be a derivative of O'Donnell, and along with McLaughlin may both have Scottish and/or Irish origins. O'Donnell were rivals to O'Neills or at least some Septs within each, yet at other times they were allies such as the end of the Senior Maguire (Giolla Patrick Maguire) reign. Both the O'Donells and O'Neills are said to be decedents from Niall of the Nine Hostages..

The DNA results appear to support that this Fitzpatrick cluster have a geographical origin about the Upper Lough Erne and areas consistent with Breifne O'Rourke, and potentially much older ancestral associations to Scotland. This to some degree is in line with at least some old Ulster Irish families predating the 16th and 17th Century Ulster Plantations. Attempting to draw conclusions of the origin of the family name Fitzpatrick of the Upper Lough Erne in this situation based on modern family names, current DNA sampling and associations, and historical events that span some 800 years is tenuous at best. However, further DNA sampling (preferably at or greater than 67 markers Y-DNA) within Fitzpatrick with known long time (a few centuries) family associations within the areas of Breifne O'Rourke would assist in attempting to provide further clues to the origin of the Fitzpatrick about the Upper Lough Erne and geographically adjacent areas.

Maybe the origin of this DNA is not actually due to the name Fitzpatrick, but an event which resulted in the DNA of another clan/sept been introduced into this Fitzpatrick family of the Upper Lough Erne.

By Bernard Fitzpatrick, Brisbane, Australia