L21>DF13>FGC5494>FGC5561>FGC7448>FGC5496>FGC5521>FGC5549>FGC5511>A1487: Laois-Kilkenny (Ossory)

Many Fitzpatricks who are haplotype FGC5494 are associated geographically with Osraige (Ossory) in modern-day Laois-Kilkenny. To date, one Fitzpatrick on the DNA study has undertaken NGS testing and is FGC5494...A1487>A1506>A1488. Based on STR matches it is likely most FGC5494 Fitzpatricks will be at least A1487; the age of A1487 is estimated to be later than 560 AD.

By Mike Fitzpatrick, Auckland, New Zealand