L21>DF13>L513>S5668>Z16430>FGC9798>FGC9811: Associated with McGuire

Dennis Fitzpatrick, who traces himself to County Meath has several STR matches to the surname McGuire. A possible historic link with neighboring County Fermanagh is detailed in 'The Fermanagh Story', which states "the Fermanagh Fitzpatricks were a branch of the Maguires".

Specifically, Thomas Mor I (The Black Gillie - Dark Attendant or Guard) (1395-1430) was a descendant of Donn Carrach Maguire (1264-1302), the first Chief Maguire, King of Fermanagh. Septs under the protection of Thomas included Gilla Pádraig of Fermanagh of the Maguires.

Alex Williamson's Big Tree (ytree.net) indicates a cluster of McGuires who are L513>S5668>Z16340>FGC9798>FGC9811>FGC9822>FGC9809. Hence, Dennis is associated with these particular McGuires and more advanced SNP tests will determine if he also shares the SNPs downstream of FGC9811.

By Mike Fitzpatrick, Auckland, New Zealand.


The Fermanagh Story A Documented History of the County Fermanagh from the Earliest Times to the Present Day. Peader Livingstone. Cumann Seanchais Chlochair, 1969.