Fitzpatrick DNA

The new millenium has witnessed the development of genetic genealogy, that is, the use of DNA for studying family relationships. One branch of genetic genealogy involves the study of the Y-chromosome, which in modern times is equivalent to studying the transmission of a surname.

The Fitzpatrick surname DNA study was started in 2000 by Dr Colleen Fitzpatrick and includes more than 300 Fitzpatricks from Ireland, the United States, England, Scotland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Barbados and France. The largest group identified by Colleen trace their roots to County Laois. Other distinct groups include individuals who trace themselves to County Cavan, County Clare, County Cork, County Down and County Kilkenny. Colleen's analysis also indentified other distinct groups of people with the surnames Moore, Shera/ McShera and Stanley, all who have sound reasons to believe they have historical ties to the Fitzpatrick Clan.

The study is hosted at For more information on, or to participate in, the Fitzpatrick DNA Study, email us.

As well as acknowledging Colleen and Ronan, this site also acknowledges the work of Alex Williamson and Mike Walsh.

Y-STR Results

STR results and subgroups


Y-SNP Results

Fitzpatrick Haplotypes and Haplotrees