Frank Meehan

The late Frank Meehan was the founder of the Irish Kilt Club and an avid wearer of his beloved Fitzpatrick tartan kilt; it is considered he had a Fitzpatrick connection on his mother's side. Frank's achievements received recognition from President Mary McAleese on behalf of his love for Irish kilts and such was Frank's enthusiasm for plaid, that he even registered an O'Meehan tartan. Frank was regarded as a kilt authority, especially regarding the kilting habits of the 2nd Lord Castletown.

The photos here show, firstly, Frank Meehan and E. Ryan Fitzpatrick wearing the two different versions of the Fitzpatrick tartan at the 2007 Fitzpatrick Clan Gathering Evening Banquet in Kilkenny. The second photo is that of a modern Celtic cross erected within the well-preserved ruins of Jerpoint Abbey, which was originally founded ca. 1160-70 AD by Domnall Mac Gilla Pátraic king of Osraige, and was rededicated to the Cistercians by 1180 AD. This speaks to the continuing emphasis for the Mac Gilla Pátraic kings to support and uphold the Christian tradition. And the third photo is also from the 2007 Gathering - a group photo in front of Ballaghmore Castle

E. Ryan Fitzpatrick

Frank Meehan and Eugene Ryan Fitzpatrick

Jerpoint New Cross

Gathering 2007