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On May 25, new European privacy laws (GDPR) will take effect changing the way individuals and organizations can use and display virtually all forms of personally identifying information relating to EEA citizens. We are not at all clear at this time how we will comply with the intricacies of this legislation. We ask that you bear with us while we work with FTDNA to adopt a solution that encompasses their Terms of Service, the GDPR legal framework, and, protects everyone involved in the study in real-time. We will post updates here as new information becomes available. Our goal is to restore access to results as soon as possible.

Midnight PST on May 23 will be the last day that members will be able to view and or download results until we have clarified our legal position. We are also removing all DNA data and personal contact data from this site until we are confident regarding our position. We will update you on that position as soon as possible.

Welcome to the home of the Fitzpatrick DNA project

This site provides Y-DNA results for men with the surname Fitzpatrick and autosomal DNA results for both men and women with an association to Fitzpatricks. This site was inspired by the pioneering work of two of our own - Dr Colleen Fitzpatrick and Dr Ronan Fitzpatrick. The study began in 2000 and was the first to identify several genetically distinct groups of Fitzpatricks. Originally organised through Relative Genetics, the study includes more than 300 Fitzpatricks from Ireland, the United States, England, Scotland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Barbados and France and is now hosted at familytreedna.com.

Fitzpatricks are genetically diverse. The largest group identified by Colleen trace their roots to County Laois. Other distinct groups include individuals who trace themselves to County Cavan, County Clare, County Cork, County Down and County Kilkenny. This accounts for approximately 50% of the study's members. About a further 25% fall into small groups of unknown origin, and the remaining 25% have not yet found matches within the study - although some have had success with matches on other surname projects.

To learn more about the Fitzpatrick Clan you can visit the Fitzpatrick Clan Society. And if you sign up for a free membership with the Society you have chance to win a free Y-DNA SNP test each month.

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5 June 2018

FTDNA have a Father's Day Sale ending 18th June.

23 May 2018

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